Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bagel, Eggs, and Spinach-Red Lentil Soup

For some reason the perfect thing to do with leftover spinach-red lentil soup that was entirely too thick to be called a soup seemed to be to make a hearty breakfast. I had emergency bagels hiding in my freezer (St. Viateur of course), so those form the base of this dish. Initially, I planned on poaching the eggs, but that seemed entirely too healthy, so I went with fried - sunny side up. This came together as well as I could've hoped and was oh so filling.

Bagel, Eggs, and Spinach-Red Lentil Soup

1 cup spinach soup with red lentils
2 eggs
butter or oil for cooking eggs
salt and pepper
1 bagel

1. Toast and slice bagel.
2. Reheat soup (the microwave works just fine). Cover sliced bagel with soup.
3. Cook eggs however you prefer your eggs.
4. Top bagel-soup with eggs. Salt and pepper to taste.

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