Monday, April 25, 2011

A Perfect Weekend Breakfast

I woke up this morning with a craving for avocado. That doesn't happen often for me and when it does, Val-Mont's avocados usually aren't ripe enough for me to have instant gratification. This morning, however, luck was on my side. Inspired by a post on foodgawker that I've since lost because this is the type of thing that doesn't require a recipe, I decided to combine some of my favourite foods into one perfect dish.

Bagel with Cream Cheese, Avocado, and Prosciutto

1 St. Viateur bagel (Fairmount is an okay substitution, grocery store bagels are not)
1 avocado
cream cheese
olive oil
a few slices of prosciutto

1. Toast your bagel.
2. While it's toasting, crisp the prosciutto in a pan with a tiny bit of olive oil.
3. On the toasted bagel, spread a thin layer of cream cheese.
4. Mash onto each bagel half 1/2 of the avocado.
5. Top with crisped prosciutto.
6. Enjoy bliss on a bagel.

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