Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seared Fish with Tangy Habanero

I was pleasantly surprised with the the ease of this recipes, the bright flavors, and the beautiful presentation of a light pink sauce. Don't be afraid of the habanero in this recipe as the cream helps to mute it a bit (we actually made a 1/2 recipe using a whole habanero and found the heat rather mild). If you have a very thin and delicate fish (I was using Dover Sole), skip the initial sear and just poach the fish in the sauce.

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Seared Fish with Tangy Habanero (from Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen)

1 small (4 oz) red onion
2 tbsp fresh sour orange or lime juice
10 ounces (2 small round or 4 plum) ripe tomatoes
6 radishes
1/2 - 1 whole habanero chile
12 large sprigs of cilantro
1/2 tsp salt
4 fish fillets
2 tbsp oil
1/3 cup creme fraiche or heavy cream

1. Very finely chop onion with a knife, scoop into strainer, and rinse under cold water.
2. In a small bowl, stir together onion and juice.
3. Core tomatoes, cut crosswise in half and squeeze out seeds. Finely dice tomatoes and place in medium bowl.
4. Finely dice radishes and add to tomatoes.
5. Deseed habanero (or not) and finely mince. Add to tomatoes.
6. Finely chop cilantro (all of it, including the stems) and add to tomatoes.
7. Stir onion with juice into tomato mixture.
8. Heat heavy skillet filmed with oil over medium-high heat.
9. Sear fish on both sides until brown. Remove from pan.
10. Add salsa to pan and stir until wilted and liquid reduces.
11. Stir in creme fraiche, nestle fish back into pan, cover and simmer over medium-low until fish flakes. Transfer to plates and serve.

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