Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Watercress, Endive, and Blue Cheese Salad

I knew the combination of endive and blue cheese was good, but this makes it even better. A simple, but elegant salad!

Watercress, Endive, and Blue Cheese Salad (from Radically Simple)

2/3 cup walnut halves
3 large heads endive, about 340g
2 small bunches watercress
1/4 cup walnut oil
4 tsp rice vinegar
110g St. Agur or creamy Danish blue cheese

1. Lightly toast walnuts in small skillet until fragrant, 2 minutes. Transfer to bowl and let cool.
2. Trim bottoms of endive, cut in half lengthwise, separate leaves, and place in large bowl.
3. Remove stems from watercress and discard. Wash leaves, dry, and add to bowl.
4. Add oil and vinegar and toss.
5. Add walnuts and crumble in cheese. Toss. Add salt and pepper.

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