Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blogiversary and 2009 Recap ... 10 Months Late

I can hardly believe it's been a year of random musings, ramblings, and of course recipes. I don't usually stick with projects long-term, but this one has been surprisingly rewarding and tasty. At the end of last year/beginning of this year, I really should've put together a list of my favourites from the year ... the whole year-end review thing. I'll do it at the end of this year, but what about those recipes from the end of 2009? There's some gems in there that I don't want to get forgotten. Moreover, at this point I have a better idea of what's put in lasting memories instead of just a one-hit wonder (and a few recipes that seemed good at the time, but have been replaced by new favourites). So without further ado, my list of 2009 recipes that I still find amazing.

Easy Buttermilk Cake - Quick, easy, adaptable, and delicious. This is the perfect cake when you need something fast, but tasty. The last time I made it, I added chopped walnuts to the top. Beware, this one disappears fast.
Cheese Enchiladas - I constantly adapt this recipe, but the original is still amazing. This recipe helped get me past a major Tex-Mex withdrawal.
Mexican Rice - I'd tried so many variations on Mexican rice without success (just cook rice with salsa!), but this one works. Best of all, it's easy.
Mint Brownies - I've made a lot of brownies over the past year, but this one remains at the top of my absolute best list. These are rich and minty, what more could you want? (unless you're in a raspberry cheesecake mood!)
Pasta Milano - This recipe is still my go-to recipe when I want to impress. Best of all, it's simple and perfect when you're having people over for dinner as it only gets better the longer you let it simmer.
Aunt Mary's Craisin Blue Cheese Salad - I've lost count of how many times I've made this or a variation on it.
Ninfa's Green Sauce - It's like a slightly spicy, smooth guacamole dip. You could serve it with other things, but I prefer it just with chips.
Tomato and Sausage Risotto - I fell in love with risottos over the past year and have made so many variations, but this one remains my favourite.
Potato Soup - The perfect soup for a cold day. It might be closer to mashed potatoes in soup form. I think I've only made it once, but will be rectifying that soon!
Macaroni and Cheese - I think I've only made this once, but I've eaten it many times and seen it in people's lunches at work. This remains my favourite dish from Thanksgiving 2009.

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